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Renault Traffic Fixed Roof Conversion

A customer approached us to do a conversion on a new Renault Traffic.

The list of requirements was quite normal, including Blown Air Heating, Cupboard for porta-loo etc, Nice large bed,( approx 7ft long in the centre and 6ft 6 on the drivers side.)

2 burner hob and sink combi unit.

12 volt low energy fridge.

Leisure Battery and Split Charging, Mains Hook-up etc.

Then the final requirement! ” we need to get our 8ft long tandem bike in the back too! “

So after a bit of thought, we came up with a system that allowed the bike to be carried upright and secure in the aisle of the van, but everything could be removed very quickly once you reached the campsite.

So no un-sightly frame showing when you are camped up, but very secure framework to enable the bike to be carried safe and secure in the back, with no rattles etc.

We even made boards to go either side of the bike to protect the furniture and upholstery.

This made the van very versatile, with still plenty of storage etc.

Very nice, easy to drive van, that can take your tandem too !!

We do our very best at Smallcampervan to build a van as close to your requirements as possible.

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