Why a Campervan?

Reasons for having a campervan vary from customer to customer

Here are just a few examples.


Short Holidays

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Weekend Breaks

A campervan offers instant shelter from the elements – used with a tent, it offers the certainty of a dry night’s sleep. With unpredictable weather, traditional camping can be a risky business especially if the weather turns foul!

Or simply as a vehicle, it offers the perfect mode to have a drive out into the countryside and take in the scenery and stop for a bite to eat.

You can even use a campervan as a small vehicle to support your hobby such as photography, fishing, cycling or walking or to transport you and your dog out to nice place to take a walk.

The list is endless and not simply for the one or two holidays a year. Having a campervan offers lots of freedom and comfort as well as making your life more fun.

Is a campervan more practical than a car?

It’s certainly more fun!

Let’s face it, life is tough these days and we are all working too hard so why not find some time for leisure? A camper van can provide that rare escape!

It’s surprising what a day trip can do for your morale and it is good for our health too.

We personally endorse campervans – we use ours to take our Jack Russell out for a walk somewhere different and for days out to the coast.

But our campervan is also our everyday vehicle so there isn’t a huge sum of money just sitting on the drive waiting to be used.

Which Vehicle?

We are happy to advise you on the various campervans available once we have had a quick chat about your needs and your budget.

Buying the Vehicle

Made suitable for you.

With over 40 years experience in the motor trade as a mechanic, at Small Campervan, we have put this experience to good use to advise you when sourcing a suitable campervan.

We have experience with buying from vehicle auctions, motor traders and private sellers so we can take all the hassle out of the search by either advising you or finding a suitable campervan for you.

We service and check

Giving you piece of mind.

We can also service and check over your vehicle prior to collection from us so you drive away happy with piece of mind.

All our vehicles will have been checked on various vehicle databases for any adverse history such as stolen vehicle records or outstanding finance or even whether it has been recorded as having been involved in an accident previously.

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